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In an effort to help our many self-storage commercial clients who operate much of their business out of their storage unit, we are now offering private mailboxes for rent with 24-hour access. Many of our clients require that they establish a business address separate from their residential address, and furthermore need a location with a physical address that will allow for deliveries to be delivered when they are not available.  By renting a private mailbox from Superior Storage our staff is available to take delivery of packages delivered by all of the major mail courier services. 

In addition to our commercial clientele, a number of residential clients and apartment dwellers have found our private mailbox rentals to be a convenient choice for their mail delivery needs. 

We currently offer two sizes of mailbox rentals.  Rental payments are due on a quarterly basis, with three months rental due up front upon renting a private mailbox with Superior Storage.  Please call or stop by for pricing and availability information.


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