24 Hour Kiosk

Superior Self-Storage
Climate Controlled & Nonclimate Self-Storage


(956) 383-5474

3102 S. McColl Road, Edinburg, TX 78539



Superior Storage is the first self storage location in the

Rio Grande Valley to offer our customers the services of a 24 Hour Self-Service Kiosk that allows our customers to rent a new unit, make a payment on an existing rented unit, purchase a lock for a unit, and update your address and other account information.  Our kiosk is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will even be here to service you on holidays. 

Using Our Kiosk is Simple-User Friendly features include:

Touch Screen for easy navigation

Accepts cash, check, or credit card

Allows you to purchase a lock

Ability to contact a customer service agent

Making a Payment is Quick and Easy

You will need to know your SPACE NUMBER and GATE CODE to make a payment through the kiosk.

The remaining payment instructions are below:

1.  Press the Existing Customer button.

2.  Enter your SPACE NUMBER and then move the cursor (with your finger on touch screen) to the next field and enter the GATE CODE. 

3.  Press CONTINUE after you have entered your information.

4.  Press MAKE A PAYMENT button.

5.  Select the unit you wish to make a payment for (you can also make a single payment for multiple units).

If you have a balance due, the amount owed will be displayed.  You can also prepay for future months. 

Select the payment type you would like to use.  The Kiosk will accept CASH, CHECK, OR CREDIT CARD.  (The kiosk cannot give change if you do not have the correct cash amount.  Change can be given to customers inside our office during normal business hours). 

6.  Insert Payment

7.  Retrieve your printed receipt. 

Please feel free to call our onsite manager during normal operating hours at 956-383-5474 if you would like help in using our 24 Hour Self-Service Kiosk the first time.  After one trial run with our manager you will have it down. 


Se Habla Español

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